Ex decided my child should attend public school without my consent or agreement. Ex arranged the transfer and subpoenoed the principal who did not show for the hearing! Brought before the judge and when I told the judge that this was done without my consent, knowledge or agreement (the transfer) the judge asked me if I had any evidence! Told him I was a parent and that I had signed nor enacted nothing! The judge said that I had no evidence and dismissed this issue!

Ex also controls financial accounts for my children. I have NO say as to how the money is spent!

I received no medical, no life insurance policy beneficiary, alimony for 10 years after a 21 year marriage and had to return to work after 20 years out of the workforce. At age 53, I will have to work the rest of my life and have lost wages due to being out of the workforce for so long. Ex is on track to retire in a couple of years. My alimony amounts to 6.5% of the ex’s income which is over 275,000 more than mine and steadily increasing due to his ability to amass assets. His house payment is more than the alimony he pays me, but his expenses of over 9,000 per month were considered “reasonable”. I was held to the amount of allowance I received for the duration of the marriage. That’s how the judge calculated my expenses. By the allowance. Period.