Anyone ever split up over difference or lack of goals?

i met jd when i was 17 and he was 25. we had a whirlwind romance, and got married 5 months later, i was 3 months pregnant with out oldest child at the time. (we have 3 daughters) at the time i knew he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life and that didn’t bother me too much, i figured he’d figure it out sometime or other. flash forward 10 years later and he still doesn’t know. it’s gone between owning a restaurant, being an electrician, getting his general contractors license, working with computers, and various other things. they’re all great ideas, but he’s only ever talked about them and never actually done anything to achieve any of them. he doesn’t have a GED, he went to take the placement test a while back and did the orientation,then went to class one time and never went back. this frustrates me greatly. i’m in college full time double majoring in accounting and business administration because i want a good future for the kids and myself, plus i have goals and i plan to achieve them. i ask jd about the future, and he says he’s not worried about it or that he doesn’t care. it’s also our biggest argument. i get upset because we have kids and i feel as though he needs to find what he wants to do with his life and get to it, he’s 35, he’s not getting any younger and without at least a GED, or some sort of certification his options are rather limited. he feels that because i’m in college i think i’m better than him and i’m trying to tell him what to do with his life, and to a degree i guess i can see where he’s coming from. mostly though, i just want him to plan for the future too, cause i feel like it’s all on me, and that’s kind of scary. if it was just him or just me and him i wouldn’t worry as much, but like i said earlier we’ve got kids, and it’s their futures i’m most concerned with. has anybody else dealt with this? how did you end up handling it? is it likely he will decide on something eventually? advice? thanks!

Many people are in a situation where they are unsure how their pension is performing. They should probably get a review done to see how their funds are doing against the general market, and how their charge structures are. Good idea to talk with an IFA.