AOA/CC Timeline Question

My STBIX (soon to be IDIOT ex) filed an AOA/CC suit aganist my current boyfriend. It holds no merit and we filed our answer, threatening to expose photographs, name his mistress, etc. all as reasons for the demise of the marriage … NOT the boyfriend. We filed back in Mid-May. A month later, we’ve heard nothing. Do we just sit and wait? Would we hear if the case was dropped (either by my STBIX or otherwise)? Is there anything else further that we need to do?

Thanks so much for your time.

If the case were dropped you would have received a file stamped copy of a dismissal.

So I’ve filed my answers. If the case isn’t dropped, what happens? Does the STBIX have to move forward with it or is it just automatically scheduled? If nothing moves forward with it on his part, how long does he have before it’s automatically just dropped (or does that happen)?

It will proceed to trial, and the court will likely set the matter for trial if he does not.