Are there anyways to make divorce cost less?

Sorry to here the problem I think everyone has and goes though it and it stinks. Why do you need a lawyer? In this state 1 year 1 day from the day they seperated that means not in the same dwelling. After that go and get the documents (from the library from what I was told) plus $135.00 to file the divorce decree and its over and done with.
But there is a problem there is a child involved now what? Well if your God sister does not care about child support then it will be that quick but the money is now the problem. If he says ok to pay CS get it in writing but he says no then the problem starts.
So look down the road and tell you God sister to look too and to read this GREAT[:D] web site these people are GREAT and they can and will help you better then I can LOL.
Hope this helped you and let God help you and her too
Bye for now

I live in Greenville, NC and need help for my God Sister who lives in Greene County. Basically the man she is married to is trouble (spent time in prison, problems with drugs the whole 9) and she wants out of her marriage with him, but the money is a problem. Not sure if this matters but they do have a child together. Unfortunately coming up with the money for the divorce is a problem. She is a very good but very proud woman and wants to handle this herself. Are there any lawyers that handle this type of situation by income, or any other way we can make this cost less? Any input will be greatly appreciated.