Being Investigated~ My rights?


One of my good male friends is having marital issues and his wife is having me investigated after she learned I was separated from my husband. Do I have any rights when it comes to what she and her PI can dig into regarding my personal life?

I know she has ran my car tag to find out where I live as well has had her PI watch my house, looked up my cell number and has being texting and calling me from his number and her own and has Facebook messaged me and tried to hack in my Facebook account. She told her husband she did all this as well as left me a voicemail stating the same. He and I work at the same place and run at lunch together on site. I can understand her concern but he and I a rarely socialized outside of work unless it’s via text or at work functions. I do not want her causing me any issues with my upcoming divorce with her paranoid accusations. I almost feel like she is trying to set up a case for alienation of affection and I realize she doesn’t have to prove sexual relations to sue me.

Is there anything I can do to protect myself? Could I press harassments charges or invasion of privacy? Or just ride the wave of her hurt and anger…


If you feel harassed you can file a harassment report with the police, as far as a claim for invasion of privacy, it depends on the extent of what the PI is doing, but merely following you around is not any sort of invasion. You should perhaps contact an attorney who practices in the area of general civil litigation.