Find someone's address?

So my wife came clean about her cheating with a co-worker. My question is, how can I find out this guy’s address? My life is being ruined, to an extent her life is being ruined and this guy goes on like nothing is happening. He works the same schedule as my wife and I plan on going and telling his girlfriend what the situation is. He needs to be responsible as well.

My question is, is this something that a PI would handle? Is there a resource for me to use? All I know is where he works and his information is not listed publically (I know he rents an apartment)

Also, is it unreasonable for me to tell my wife that i don’t want her talking to him or texting him until we get separated?


  1. A PI can most likely uncover the address for you.

  2. Nothing prohibits you from talking to this guy, however you could easily cross into stalking/harassment. So I do not think it is wise.

  3. You can ASK your wife if she would stop talking to him, but in the end, that’s her decision.

If you’re getting separated then the best thing you can do is get an attorney and move on. Confronting ‘x’ number of individuals isn’t going to solve or even necessarily hold anyone accountable.

A PI could help you locate him. You should think about why you want to locate him. Is it worth the expense?

You can tell your wife whatever you’d like, but, as every married man can attest, she doesn’t have to, and likely won’t, listen.