Best way to handle this situation


My husband and I have been separated since February 2012 and neither of us has an attorney. I just received paperwork for a Deed in Lieu that both my husband and I have to sign in front of a notary. The problem is that I have a DVPO for harassment/stalking that was just issued for 1 year last Friday.

What is the best way to contact him for us to meet in a public place to have the paperwork signed properly so it can be sent out to to the bank? I do not want to violate the order by initiating contact but this paperwork needs to be taken care of immediately. Should I go to the bank and sign the paperwork in front of the notary and have him go to that same bank later and take care of his end and pick the paperwork up at a later time?

Please help me find a solution to this situation.

Thank You


You should not go to the same place together. You should arrange an exchange of the document through a 3rd party.