Bigamy and child custody

In NC, a person is guilty of bigamy if he marries someone in NC while having a living spouse or if he marries someone in another state (while he’s still married in NC), and then lives with the “second” spouse in NC. It’s a felony. See North Carolina General Statute Section 14-283. However, he is not guilty of bigamy if his spouse was absent continuously for seven years and if he did not know that the spouse was alive during that time. Since it’s a criminal offense, a district attorney would have the authority to charge him with it. If you decide to pursue custody, the bigamy would likely be a factor in the judge’s decision, but it’s not entirely clear how much weight he or she would assign to that. That factor alone is probably not enough to warrant a reversal of custody, especially after nine years.

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after nine years found my husband who has custody of my two girls i havent seen them at any time because he left with them and could not locate through a P.I. I located him he has gotten married again but failed to divorce me can i charge him with bigamy an get custody of my girls any help would be appreciated eldgroomer

elizabeth gibson