Can I get DV Protective Order Terminated?


There is currently a domestic violence protective order against my husband, for which I sought and was awarded, which doesn’t expire until Spring 2011. Among other conditions, I believe the order prohibits him from even speaking to me. Is it possible that at some point I can have the order terminated? This is not something I take lightly and only want to know if early termination is an option in the future, should he efficiently get his emotional/anger issues under control - which I am told and from seeing/hearing him during court proceedings it seems he is making an honest effort to do. We have children and communication regarding visitation is difficult because of the restrictions put in place (especially as unexpected pertinent things come up that would require me to ask his assistance with our children). I am grateful for now to have the order in place, but would like to know my options for future reference.

Thanks for any advice.

You may file for a dismissal of the DVPO, however in many domestic violence cases the judge review the case prior to allowing a dismissal. The order was put in place for your protection and the courts seeks to ensure your safety by investigating your motivation for the dismissal, making sure you have no been coerced by the defendant.