Can not locate my children

I am trying to locate my children from a previous marriage. We have joint legal custody with the girls living with him. He does not allow me to see or speak with them. He has obtained property in atleast 3 other states. He is in the military. He has child abuse and felony charges pending against him. I have retained an attorney to take him to court for contempt and to modify custody. We are unable to locate him to have him served. He did not show up to his last criminal court date, his attorney had it continued. So we were unable to have him served in court. I am worried for my girls. Any advice on how to locate him? Can he be served through his attorney? Please help.

Have you considered hiring a private investigator? They can often track down individuals if you are having a hard time getting service. His attorney can accept service for him by filing an acceptance of service, although I’m sure your attorney has asked if he or she would accept on behalf of your ex.