Can they give out S.S. number?


Man and women have a one night stand, a child was concieved, and after test was proven that man was father they went to court about CS. They have no contact with each other, man never knew about pregnacy and still has no contact. Got papers from CS about what the court ordered for the monthly CS.

At the end of the paperwork was listed the father s.s. number and the mothers. Since they dont hardly know each other it did not feel right that such a personal info is to be given out. Called 3 other regional CS office within state and they said that a new law says that is a big no no and that the regional office that did it should be turned into the state office. When went to state office they quickly dismissed the complaint.

Just because there is a child involved should not give out such a private info, I dont know my parents number, and just because of blood does not mean that they can be trusted with such info. Personally know of a case where someone got a hold of brother and sisters s.s. number and ruined it big time.

Does anyone know the laws of giving out the social number?? Like I said 3 other regional office in the same state said that was not allowed, but the state wont even take compliant. How can I find the rules about giving out s.s. numbers. I know this is basically pretty new rule and can only find the old one. What can I do if this is true??? The damage has already been done but the ones that did it should be held for their action. I did find a letter on the internet from the attorney general to social services that it is a Class A misdemnor for them to give it out so assuming that it is the same with CS.

Any advice?