If she correct then you might have some explaining to do and if she not then shame on her for following up on why someone would have 2 SSN, you do know thats what Lawyers do “Research”.

While I’m not an expert on this I do know that there are ways of getting someone’s SSN. But I’m not certain that even an attorney for a collection agency could get that information legally unless they had a subpenoena and then you would be served. The only possible way is if you had a invoice that went into collections and it just happened to be at the same place that she worked. To me, that would be too big of a coincidence to be valid. I don’t know of any other way unless she called a credit card company randomly or some place that she knew you had accounts with and used her place of business as a cover for the true purpose of the call.
What you should keep in mind is that this is possibly blowing smoke to make him rethink a relationship with you. She may not actually HAVE your SSN but is just telling him that she’s done some checking…Contact the Social Security Office and see if the report is fact. If it is, they may need to talk with you to straighten it out. If she does have your SSN there’s not a lot that you can do except keep an eye on your credit report. Protect yourself first. You can contact the Credit Reporting agencies and let them put a block on your SSN so that no one including yourself could get credit on your SSN without a direct phone call. I don’t remember exactly how to do this but I have had to do this myself in the past.

I have no idea how she would have gotten your social security numbers. Without that information I do not know if she committed fraud or if there is anything you can do about it.

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My boyfriends soon to be ex-wife has launched a campaign/witch hunt against me. She has told her ex-husband that I have 2 social security numbers and has reported this to the SS Fraud hotline. I know she works for a law firm. The law firm is related to collections/business type matters.

My questions are as follows:

How would she obtain my ss number ? could she possibly be using tools available to her at her place of employment ?

What can I do about this and her invasion into my privacy ? What are my options as I would like to nip this in the bud before things get out of hand ?

Thanks in advance