Legally Separated - Ex Using My Credit!


I’ve heard of folks contacting the credit reporting agencies and asking them to flag their SSN. This flagging alerts the agencies when someone is trying to use a certain SSN (in this case, yours). A notice is then sent to the individual saying something along the lines of “someone is trying to attain credit on your SSN”. It also shows up on your credit report so when companies pull it, they know there’s something up with it. I guess this is how people who have been victims of identity theft minimize the chance of it happening again.

Here’s an example thru Equifax: … partner=no


Dear Train Wreck:

Greetings. You should immediately file an equitable distribution claim as well as a motion for a preliminary injunction. This will force her to stop, help you to fix your credit, and make her pay for any expenses which she creates in your name.

You may also want to contact the police and the district attorney in your county. Best of luck.

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Good Morning,

I have been legally separated since June 2004 after a 9 month marriage. I recently learned my soon to be ex is using my name (and credit rating) for joint credit since hers sucks. She has gotten an apartment, auto insurance and utilities based on my credit score.

  1. Can she do this?
    1a. If so, for how long (i.e. divorce, injunction, indefinite)?
    1b. If not, how can I legally make her stop?

  2. From your experience, are there some other areas of vulnerability that an Ex using this tactic can/may attempt to exploit?

  3. Does it get any better?

Thanks for your answers and your help.

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