Wife said I used her credit while married!

Me and my wife seperated about 4 months ago now all she does is call me and harrass me about everything where im going what im doing. She called me the other day and told me that when she does go talk to a lawyer that shs going to tell them that while we were married I used her SS# to get credit in her name and shes going to try and put me in jail. I have not done one thing like this she did have some accounts in her name some in mine and some jontly but never did I get any new credit without her knowing. I think she is just blowing smoke and trying to get me upset but I dont know. What will happen if she does this. I thought we were going to keep things simple and not do this but I guess she likes the drama. I am paying for her insurance both health and car, her cell phone bills and giving her over 600.00 a month plus I helped her moved and do just about anything she ask of me to do for her. Then she stabs me in the back with these threats. What do you think? What should I do?

If your wife alleges fraud she will have the burden of proof, and will not be successful in her claim if the allegations are untrue. She may even be setting herself up to be ordered to pay a portion of your attorney’s fees.

I suggest you meet with a lawyer of your own in the near future to create a plan of action moving forward.