Using name for credit-fraud? how to stop?


Pull your credit report and look it over. If you find any discrepancies, I would go to the magistrate’s office and charge her with fraud. Ask a lawyer for advice about getting your money back. It would only cost $150 or so for an hour’s consultation; if it’s a small claims court issue you could represent yourself.


We have just found out that my husband’s ex has been using his name on her cellular bill. We don’t know how long this has been going on. They have been divorced for over 3 years and he has not lived at her address for almost 5. We have no idea if she is doing this with other credit issues like credit cards. In order to remove his name they both have to go to the cellular company or he has to claim fraud - in which case the cell phones of his children will also be cut off. He has given her a deadline to go with him and threatened her with the latter. Is there anyway he can protect himself against her doing this again? She has lousy credit and has damaged his by non paying of various bills that were in the both of their name including mortgage and other credit cards before we fixed those situations.