Cash Value Insurance Check Compromized

Date of Seperation was April 6, 2013, hence I received a check made out to me only but she intercepted it, endorsed it and put into joint account briefly before merging over to her newly created bank account in her name only on April 9th. I tried to pursue larceny charges but after a couple of weeks, local police said it was civil. I have now talked with a criminal attorney and advice was to take directly to DA. This was from a policy I took out in 1988, therefore non-marital given date of marriage was April 30, 2011. We settled out of court so can I now go back and file a complaint? Thank you!

It really depends on what the settlement is. If the settlement is a full property settlement, you should be able to sue her for breach of the agreement. You should seek a consultation with an attorney in your area to review the separation agreement and discuss whether you should sue for breach or seek the insurance proceeds some other way.