Child Custody Issue


If I cant afford a lawyer right now, is there anyway of getting one apointed to me? I want to file for full custody of my girls and want to request that my soon to be ex husband gets help (parenting classes, AA, counseling, etc.) before he ever sees his girls or has them over night. How would I go about this?

  1. The best is to get a lawyer. Child custody cases, how the filing is worded and how what you want is worded is very tricky.

  2. You can not ask a court to deny visitation without proving the other parent unfit, abusive and incapable of providing care for the kids. There is a lot you must show for a court to order such a request.

  3. Requesting counseling and parenting classes requires you to ask the court for an evaluation of their father, which in turn also subjects you to the same evaluation. If their are any skeletons in your closet or the Psychiatric evaluation goes badly for you, you may be facing what you want their father to face.

If this is a modification, you will be hard pressed to convince a judge that he all of the sudden can not be a parent.

It’s a very thick and hard line to cross, but you MUST HAVE proof!


Lawyers are not appointed in non criminal matters, however you may be eligible for assistance from the legal aid office in your county.