Child Custody



If I have had tempertory custody since Feb 2008 with ex having visitation about a total of 5 months total would I lose custody?

He lives out of state, has no job, lives off and on with his girlfriend. She kicks him out about every week or other week. I did hav a job but became a full time college student.

I was told that he did hire a PI not to long after I kicked him out in Feb 2008, maybe around the summer. I did have close friends over, males and females. But nothing was done sexually between any of us. I did marry my best friend who was one of the people you came over alot to make sure I was okay and things were going fine for kids and I, to hang out with BarBQues I had and Birthday parties for the kids. The same people always came over. There was two weeks during the summer that I used my husbands vehicle because mine had a flat tire and he was out of state. He did spend the night twice because I had to take him to the air port so early in the morning. My ex even knows about that, I told him.

The kids and I moved from the place that the ex and I was renting to my husband house. He was off training so he wasnt here and didn’t want to leave it empty and we needed a better place to live. My husband and I, never had any sexual events until the day after I got my divorce papers. But the ex did and even slept with the girl infront of our son when he was having his vistation which was in Sept 2008. I can’t get proof of that really because his family won’t stand up in court for me. They just tell me everything. I do have picture’s from Christmas 2008 when his girlfriend was hold our son and picture’s of them together in October.

All my children are well taken care of and there are no problems with DSS or anyone since I kicked my EX out of our lives. We live in a very stable home at which we own. It’s so hard to get ahold of my attorney and with his busy schedule it’s hard to talk to him about all this stuff.

Also with one of my children, his father took him with the intent to keep him. I talked with my son and he wanted to live with daddy because of my ex. I said okay and signed the papers for daddy to take primary as we both kept joint. Can that be held against me in court?

My ex refuses to give me back my son stuff that was bought by myself. His words, “ok so when we go to court for custody if i get custody you not going to let him have it” I paid over $400.00 for a john deer gator. I was suppose to have gotten it back two months ago. He refuses to give it back. It took two months to just get my son medical card back, and it was stopping me from getting my son in to see a doctor. One of his family members had to take it from him and mail it to me. Is he allowed to do these things?

I will stop for now. I have so many questions and will con’t later. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.


Again I cannot predict the outcome of any case. The court will consider all relevant factors in making a determination of custody, including the fact that you have been the primary caregiver.

As for the toy, I would suggest you inform the father he can buy toys for the child to play with during visits so you do not run into this problem again.