Child does not want to go with her

if you really think that things are that bad at your ex’s place then make an anonymous tip to DSS, but you would be better off getting someone to call for you so they don’t think that it is you being a bitter ex husband. talk to your daughter’s teachers, and ask if they notice the behavior that you are talking about … see if she talk to a famliy counselor, and then the counselor can go to court and testify.

good luck, i know how hard this can be …

You bet it is hard thank you for the reply I have others say the same thing about going to the school and talking to them and I will as far as DSS I would love to but to do that is a bit much no body is the greatest parent and we can only learn from our mistakes and I can tell you this I have seen and learned so much in the last few years how a wife of 17years + do what she has done and even from me again we are not all that we learn from our mistakes this is called history and I hope as for me and everyone else we do not that again.
I just wish this whole drama was over not just for me but for the children they have been though so much now it is time to move on with life I know I need to move on.
[:)]Thank you to all out there

Can someone please tell me and help me about this. I know we have a court order 50/50 cus. of the children my daughter came in to pick up some things and I can see in her eyes that something was wrong I casked her and she started to cry and tell me that her mom is yelling at ther again (verbal abusing) my daughter and my daughter does not want to go with her anymore.
I took the children to court to have the judge talk to them one on one but the judge did not want to talk to them. Now what should I do the ex is being real mean to her showing that she is more into our son then towards both our children this has to stop my daughter is scared of her she is afraid of her and I do not know what to do about this my daughter asks me please help me call someone to find out what to do and I tell her I will do something.
I know that the ex can not take care of the children. Money is the problem and she lives in a 2 bedroom appt. the children all was fight when they are there with her if this was the other way would I have the children 50% of the time? No I do think so man woman thing I hope I am wrong but I do think so if so please someone let me know please.
I hope there is someone that can help and has gone though the samething that I am Thank you for reading this.
Thank you and bye for now