Child Support After 18


What are the rules for child support once a child turns 18 but is still living at home, attending college locally (full-time), and is still being supported by one parent?

My ex and I have two kids, one is living with him and one is with me - but the one with me turned 18 and so now he wants me to pay child support. I am still supporting this 18 year old though - and the fact of the matter is, when you consider college, cars, car insurance, etc - I pay more to support my 18 year old now than I did three years ago.

Am I supposed to have a talk with her now about paying her own way? Paying child support on one child is going to break me - I may even lose my home.

Can they garnish my wages to the point that I’m in the negative after paying my bills? Leave us with no food & utilities being cut off?

I thought about getting a second job - but then that will just raise my income - and thus - raise my child support - as well as decrease the amount of time I have available for my other child to visit.


You have no legal obligation to support your 18 year old that has graduated high school. Yes, your ex-husband can file for child support for the other child that lives with him. If an order is put in place, wages can be garnished up to 40% of your pay check. More money can be garnished if you sign a waiver allowing it.