Child support after age 18


My daughter dropped out of high school before turning 18. I have not paid child support since her 18th birthday. I have received a notice from CSE saying I am delinquent.

My daughter is on her own and not living with her mother. She claims to be getting correspondence from CSE herself but her mother is still listed as the custodial parent on all information I receive from CSE.

When she received a letter from CSE saying support would continue until she graduates from high school she enrolled in a GED preparation class. Will her enrollment in this class keep me obligated to pay support?

I have sent CSE a copy of the letter from my daughter’s last known high school that shows her termination date. I have not heard back from them. Is there anything else I need to do?

Thank you.


You will need to speak with someone down at CSE and make sure you are caught up on your arrearages, and your daughter is still entitled to receive support so long as she is making progress towards high school graduation or the equivalent.