Child Support Involving THREE Parties to Custody

The NC child support worksheet asks the income and number of overnights between two parties (assuming both parents). Assuming a grandparent has primary custody and each parent has legal custody and visitation, both would be required to pay child support. So if each of the three parties has overnights with the child, how do you determine what amount each parent pays in child support when neither of them have primary physical custody?

Example: Grandparents have child for 10 overnights per month, Mom has child for 10 overnights per month, Dad has child for 10 overnights per month. Mom and Dad both should pay child support to Grandparents, who have PPC.

This case is actually not a guideline case at all- if the grandparents want support, they will need to file an action with the court, and the court will determine support according the circumstances of that case.