Child Support Services are not communicating- what to do!


My husband just received his second notice on back child support and he is suppose to respond in 30 days from the date of the letter. When he received the first notice, he immediately took action to file for a hearing because of numerous and very serious modications. After months of being tossed around, handed off, visits and tons of phone calls, he finally spoke with the Child Services lawyer that heard his side of story and she said that she would get back to him with a time to meet.

He never heard from her. So he continued to call back, leave messages, etc. and nothing. Now, my husband just received a second notice that is even more severe than the first requesting action. Again, we need to do serious modications b/c so much has changed since his agreement was written but no one will communicate with him, we are going to be screwed (pardon my language).


  1. Two children involved. Once child lives with us permantely and has been for 2 years now.
  2. The father has been unemployed from his career position for 2 years. Is currently working in Construction but makes 90% less than what he did make. Trust me, he is trying to secure a job in the industry he use to work in. Just not feasible at this time because of the economy. He is not avoiding getting a job in his field.
  3. He still pays child support. He pays the amount based on the child support calculator and his W-2 income in which she agreed to. Now she is trying to get arrears for what was stated in the divorce agreement. Imposssible, he doesn’t even make $1,500 a month.
  4. The mother has breached the contract for moving outside of the radius listed in the divorce agreement. She doesn’t work and lives off her parents. The money she gets from them, should then be listed as income.

I could go on and on about the modications needed! This women is a disgrace to society. She an alcoholic, uses her kids and trying to throw us under the bus and now Child services will not call us back to make this right!!



Your husband may file his own motion for a modification of support and custody based on the change in circumstances in his income, and the fact that the other child lives with him.

Of course he needs to appear for any court date which is already scheduled, and be prepared to show evidence of his current income, efforts to find another job, and the residency of the other child who now lives with him.