Child support

I need some help with child support info.

  1. I’m active duty USAF. What part of my pay is calculated into the child support payment? I know my BAH and BAS are non taxable allowances to offset my cost for food and housing.

  2. I tried using the child support calculator and I’m confused. I entered the info in 2 ways with 2 diff amounts.

a. Current support payment is $1,010 a month, when I finish with the calc item# 9 Recommended support =$760. Is this ammount in addition to the $1010 I currently pay her? Totaling $1770.

b. If I use the calc and do not enter the current support payment, when I finish with the calc item# 9 Recommended support =$1046.
The second amount is almost $730 less than the 1st.

Your gross income from any source is factored into child support. I do not know what BAH and BAS stand for.

Sorry about that.

BAH=Basic allowance for Housing
BAS=Basic allowance for sustenance

The only info I changed each time was the amount of support I already pay. My gross income never changed.
The 1st one I entered $1010 which is support I already provide and it gave a Recommended support of =$760.
The second time I entered $0.00 for existing support. and it returned a Recommended support of =$1046.
Is the $760 suppose to be added into what I already pay? If so, Why is it so much less if was not already paying?

The BAH and BAS are included in your gross income.

Hi there, I know it has been a little while since you posted your question. I just thought I would clarify. When it asks for “current support paid” or however its worded. It means for a different child. Not the child in question. So in the lower amount the 760 it was giving you a deduction for paying the 1010 for a different child (which is how the calculator understood it) and when you said 0 it gave you the actual amount you should be paying. the 1046.

Hope that helped a little.