Does Military BAH count towards income for CS

Hi there,
I had posted before about getting my CS order modified since my oldest is 18 and graduating. I am trying to figure out on the calculator how much I will have to pay for my other child. The question is, I received Basic Allowence for housing (BAH) from the Military, yet since I live in Government quarters, I do not get the money. Does this money count towards my income for child support? I move every few years and this amount changes, based on where I live. It is non taxable as well.

Yes, the BAH is factored in to child support as it is considered income even though you do not receive the money directly.

Well, after long online searches, I finally find out that BAH is included for gross income to determine child support. Now, what about BAS and COLA? I’m currently in Germany but will be PCSing to Fort Hood, TX., and my COLA will be going away. Should go back to court to have my child support adjusted if my ex wife does not want to way until I move to Texas? Does NC include BAS and COLA in the gross income?