Coming back around


I love it!!! I know how you feel when you finally see the fact that “what goes around comes around”.

My husband’s ex was getting $2251.00(1000 child support, 300 alimony & 851 Disability(feet would swell too much to work but she could go out dancing several nights a week)a month tax free money. In the divorce, she got the double wide, all furniture & her car(all of which were paid for). He got his clothes and a 25 year old truck. Her monthly bills were $50 lot rent, lights and phone. Last August, the last child turned 18 and not only did the child support stop, but the alimony stopped and Disability was cut to $551. She had not paid the lot rent in so long that the owner of the property was able to seize the double wide for non-payment. She has had to hop from one to another relative for the last year for a roof over her head.

She got her daughter to call recently, to try and make her dad feel sorry for her mom and asked him to give her mom some money. When she was getting $2251 a month, he was bringing home $480.00 a month. This went on for 8 years. Do the math!!! Maybe I am a bad person, but I do not feel sorry for her. She can not explain where the money went. The kids quit school when they were 16 so it did not go for school activities. She no longer has a car or any personal property. I still believe it went to drugs but we could never get the courts to order a drug test.

I am a firm believer in “what goes around comes around” and I have seen this happen many times.


Even though lady justice has been in a coma, it’s nice to see that Karma Is alive and well. The easy way is never beneficial in the long run but some people still just don’t get it.
Don’t take offense to this tiredofit, but I couldn’t resist:

What do a N.C. Divorce and a tornado have in common?

A: Either way someone’s losing a trailer…


I thought some of you may appreciate this as much as I do. I’m normally not one to find humor in someone else’s misfortune, but after all the times that I’ve done the right thing just because it was the right thing and still paid a painful price, it’s nice to see it come back around. Not completely, but a small taste.
First, a little background. My husband’s ex was 15 when they were married and she did not finish high school. She did get her GED at his urging after their children were born. At 30 she decided that she wasn’t happy in her marriage where she worked for her mother for what boils down to mostly cash and was taken care of in every other aspect. Now, I’m not begrudging her wanting a happier existence because I too have been miserable where it seemed from someone looking in there was no reason not to be happy. But, she didn’t have the maturity that comes with “paying your own way” because she never had to worry about rent/mortgage, power bills, phone bills, insurance or even groceries. It was all taken care of and her cash was used for clothes or diners out. During their separation and divorce, everyone was using what she made on her weekly paycheck (from her mother’s resturant)for 20 hours a week @$7.50/hr and his $3500.00 per month salary to figure child support. She worked 40 hours and made approximately $450 a week but only the 20 hours was on her paychecks, with no insurance or retirement.
She put the children on Medicaid because she said that she couldn’t afford and did not want to pay the co-payments that my husband’s court ordered medical insurance required. They have joint physical and legal custody with equal time. They pretty much split all costs for the children 50/50 and still he pays his $500/month to the State. He takes care of his children and tried like crazy to get her to let him have them with her not paying him child support and having very liberal visitations, but she figured out that she would get no money out of him that way so she didn’t give in. Believe me, it had nothing to do with the children because their schedule of when they have the children was not going to change, just the money.
Today, she started her new job![:D]12 hour shifts 4 days on 3 off, with full benefits after 90 days. I do so hope she makes it that long. Her birthday is coming up next month and the Social Security Administration, doing it’s annual duty, sent her their figures on what she would draw should she become disabled, or retire. At age 63 due to her only turning in the minimum amount of wages for the last 16 years, she would only draw $300 a month. Somewhere out there is a 31 year old woman who is finally realizing that the easiest road isn’t always the best and that eventually things you do come back to bite you in the end.
Take note all of you who have ex’s that are cheating the system. Keep doing what you know is right and let them dig their own hole. One day you may also get to see this type of justice. Understand that I’m not happy that someone else is not, just that it’s nice to finally “see” it come back rather than just having faith that it will.