Dear giddyrose:

Greetings. The best things abour accountants, is that they are scare of the IRS, so all their “hidden money” is easy to trace. Have no fear - you are entitled to so much more than you have been receiving.

First, you are entitled to alimony from your husband. You should get a job to help pay for your attorney fees (at the least). You are also entitled to half of all the marital assets. You may be entitled to stay in the home long term. You need to find a way to retain an attorney. I hate to tell people to use credit cards or loans (even from family), but you have to protect yourself. You can even negotiate for him to pay the majority of the expenses, especially since you are a dependent spouse.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney with Rosen Divorce
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My husband and I are separated and working on a divorce. This was something I didn’t expect and I’ve been a house wife for the last 12 years. We have children and so I was able to keep the house. He has been paying for the house, utilities, and for the car, but is threatening to turn off all the utilities so that I can’t have the children. I’ve been surviving on food stamps and was told it was better not to get a job so that he has to pay me more, but I’m starting to think that it was bad advice. I’ve started to look around at some possibilities of work, but from not working for 12 years not too many places will hire me and the ones that will hire me, I can’t live off of alone, much less chance of survival with children. I’ve also visited the welfare department. I’m not sure what to do anymore. My husband is a accountant and makes plenty of money while knowing great tricks of hiding his money he claims hard ship. Is there any way to get money from him? I’m not sure what my rights are and I’m not sure what would be fair to ask for during court. I can’t afford to get a lawyer. On top of all of this, my husband is threatening to kick me out of the house and move me into an apartment. What can I do?

~GiddyRose [V]