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Dear shell64:

Greetings. Yes, this may hurt you in court, but you will also have the chance to explain your side of things. The key here to me is what is worse, cursing at the cheater or being the cheater? Just admit that you did it, tell the judge before he tells the judge, and apologize for the behavior stating it is wrong. Best of luck.

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I’ve posted on here several times before. It has been very helpful.
I have now a different issue. Not sure how to handle the situation. I have been more than nice to my husband and his girlfriend, whom he was having an affair with during our marriage. We have been unable to settle our differences through the lawyers we have both retained. He is been very hard to get along with, basically out of guilt and selfish pride. My lawyer has finally set a court date for post-separation and child support. I received my letter from my lawyer notifying me and I’m assuming my husband received the same.We have been separated ten months now,during this time he has had little to no contact with our fifteen year old son. He is now trying to say and excuse his behavior to the point that: “He’s afraid to come around me, because I may curse him out.” Using this as an excuse to not have anything to do with his son. I have to admit It took me a while, but I finaly did get mad at my husband(denial)…??? He’s not dealing well with my change of attitude. I did actually say XXXX YOU
three times and I called him an XXXhole, once. This is over the last ten months , I remind you. I’m sure it was recorded,as all the messages were left by me to him at his home number. Previous circumstances and calls by him, prompted the returned calls by me. Based soley on his neglect and irrational behavior towards our son. He knows how to get to me, and hurting our son is usually the only way he can get a reaction from me. I feel that I have made an error in letting him “get to me”. Well, question is: Have I made a big mistake? Can this hurt me in court?
I have come too far in this to let it all go down the drain, so to speak.Any advice on how to handle this until the court date would be greatly appreciated. I really appreciate this web-site, as you have helped me to understand alot.
Thank You,