Consent order PSS runs out Oct 1

My Consent order states that my soon to be ex husband was to pay me 4,000/mo until Oct. 1
Obviously Oct 1 is now here and the divorce is not finalized.
I need to have the PSS continued.
I am a student with no income if my own and no job skills and no savings to fall back on.
I have seen how long it takes to get a case before a judge thanks to having to take him to court for contempt (that took four months to get him into court).
I can not go even a month without my PSS
I am having a very dificult time getting to speak with my attorney and am reaching out here for some piece of mind.
Please tell me exactly what happens in a case like mine?
Is there a way to get it extented immediately??

PSS is usually not extended, as the judge will order a specific duration of support in many cases. Your next step is to get your alimony hearing on the calendar.