Contacting lovers


I am heading to alimony court. I have proof of many affairs by husband…but my lawyer said I can actually contact these other women to see if they would be willing to testify against husband should I have to go that route. I am sure a few of them have no clue that he was even married so when I contact them I don’t really know how to handle the situation and I am afraid they may contact him and tell him what I am up to. Would this be a problem on my end? Is there a proper way to say hey…HE IS MARRIED!! I don’t want them to take offense about it but I do want all the help I can get to get my alimony.



There is no proper way to tell them he is married. You can compel them to testify by having your lawyer issue subpoenas in order to force them to come to trial.


Can written emails work in court if they cannot appear…He was a traveler and they are in different states…:frowning:


Emails he wrote can be presented in court.