Contempt of Court

My STBX has done many things that our TPA has listed not to do. The most severe is picking up our child from school on MY days. He did this twice b/c he did not want my child going to a certain family event I was going to take her to out of spite. I of course had to call the police etc to get them to release my child back to me since he basically kidnapped her. So I am planning on filing a contempt on all these. What does will the judge typically to do him (if anything) in regards to contempts if I file for a hearing?

The punishment for contempt is something that can range pretty broadly. It can vary from a slap on the wrist to jail. It’s usually just the judge ordering the party to stop doing whatever it is that they are in contempt for. If the contempt is bad enough or you have multiple contempts of court, they could take your license away or put you in jail. I would assume, based on the facts, that the judge would simply tell him to follow the order and discontinue any behavior that is in violation of the Order.