Help-questions about contempt of court and hitting my son

My stbx has been recording me and used those recordings to try to blackmail me. Heck, I don’t even know what I said on them, but it has me paranoid that I might have said something to make me look bad. I went out and got my own recorder. He is under court order not to use corporeal punishment on our son. On the conversation I recorded he says he just threatened to pop him, once popped him, and didn’t hit him that hard. He said he was really bad that day. My son is autistic and meltdowns are never helped by popping. He “popped” too much and too hard in the past and that is why the court order is there. Do I have a case for contempt? What would happen? Would he just be told not to do it again? If he admitted to once, I guarantee he did it more than once.

You may file a contempt motion as it seems clear your ex is in wilful violation of the Order. The outcome will depend on what the judge decides.