Contesting an attorney’s fees?

Can one file a grievance or otherwise contest an attorney’s fees ?

I paid the attorney $6500 up front, and now the attorney has billed me for much more.

When my ex and I went into mediation, my attorney hadn’t met with me to discuss mediation strategy or what to expect, made basic errors of fact regarding assets, was utterly unprepared, and then pressured me into accepting the mediation. Needless to say the outcome was unfavorable.

Can I contest or negotiate the attorney’s fees, and if so how? What are the risks of doing so?

Thank you.

I would suggest you speak with your attorney directly to see what his/her position is regarding the fees paid and what the additional retainer is for.

If the attorney defends all her actions and refuses to adjust the fees, is there any recourse?
Thank you.

You can contact the state bar.