Dispute fees

How would I go about disputing excess fees charged by ex attorney? The attorney I recently asked to withdraw never sent me monthly billing statements after I requested multiple times, the attorney I had left the firm and told me I could not get retainer back but could switch to one of their other attorneys but charged me 4 hours to review my case and 4 more hours for the other attorney to review my case, charged me for making appointments the attorney failed to keep, emails I never received a response…on and on. I disagree with the amount they are billing me.They sent me one big bill after 8 months. I have already requested the attorney withdraw and have hired another good attorney.

You should contact that firm about your concerns regarding fees. Perhaps they can work with out something, such as putting a payment plan into place.

I do not have a good relationship with them and contacted them with little effort on their part. I am really not looking for a payment plan because I feel some of the fees they charged are not justified for the bad legal service I received. Is their any way to have a third party look into this for me?

You could file a complaint with the NC State Bar about the fees you were charged. You can dispute this with them and they will look into the matter for you.