Convicting someone of adultery


Wow, you have been on this board for years. You answered some of my past issues and I thank you. I know your ex hurt you really really bad and you have had to “pay” the price. My ex too committed adultry, got her preg, abandoned us on Christmas Eve, been in and out of court numerous times (he is always the plaintiff - the complainer and me - defendant - always defending myself, but inbetween that - with therapy and God’s mercy and grace has gotten me through some very tough hurtfull times and has placed my life on a new path. I recentelly remarried a wonderful man who took my 3 girls as his own, loves them, cares for them, and supports me. He has seen first hand how my ex lies, is angry and shows agression. My new husband was my best friend for a year has stood by me and my girls while in therapy for all the abuse we have endured in the past. There is hope for a better future. I did not sue my ex and his new wife for adultry or press the issue or charges, however they continue to try to make our lives a living hell. I wonder just how it is at their home. In my home there is peace, love, joy and healing taking place. I wish you the best. To allow yourself to be tormented by your ex is just not worth your time. Invest in your future and release your injustice - the system in NC is flawed regarding adultry and this is a no fault state. It seems our society approves it - in which it should not. It is not the Norm- however with divorce at 50% up there should be more people who should take time to get to really know someone before marriage. I was young, stupid, my ex contolled me, hindered me, used me, sexually assaluted me, and then left me. That was the best thing he ever could have done for me! I thank God daily for the bondage I have been set free from. The aftermath has been horrible and affected all the children, however once healing began, then a new future began for all of my family.
My best advise: Stop being a victim and become a survivor.

God bless and good luck!

t miller

Only the district attorney can prosecute the issue of adultery.

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Thank you Helena Nevicosi was just wondering I know it is a waste of time.

Thank you momof4inNC its seems that you and your children have been through so much in my chase it was very hard not the fct of breaking the family but the children I was hurt how all gets to the children but we all found out this was the best for all. The children are doing great about this we have 50/50 the one problem I have is the children do not want to stay with her that hurts aswell but there is nothing can do right now I tell them all in go time things will change.
I have learned alot in the years that all this mess has taken place and I think this has me see life much and love more and know it aswell as far as my ex I hope the best in time she will see want she has done not just to me and the children but her self as well
Again thank you hope the best for you hopefuly your ex will see what he has done and get on with life and see the mistakes that he has done. Good luck to you and your new life and family

You know one sad thing that has recently happened is that the judge gave my youngest to him temp for three months. Our child has seen doctors cause of ADHD, has learning, emotional and social issues, and her father and his new wife denied all of this in court - they only saw her 4 days a month. Now they have limited the time with her and my family. She says she is not happy and I can tell in her actions and demeanor. Even came home with bruises 2 weekends in a row. The abuse never came out in court - even though we have all been in therapy for it, well documented with all the girls, however I was not given a trial to change custody. It was a 30 minute hearing and we focused on all the positive things and lost custody of a beautiful loving hurting child to an abuser. This is a sad example how a judge can really mess up a child who is already hurting and confused and allow the abuse to continue. Kudos to those who harm others, cause in the end they too will be judged by a high judge. No- I’m not angry I’m dissapointed and hurt in our flawed justice system in America and how absue can continue in a child who clearly needs help.

t miller

I was told that:
I need an attorney to convict a person who committed adultery is this true? and if so why do I need an attorney. They are a crimnial just like someone who did a crime. Why is adultery let off so easy now a days? Next will it be rape or something else? Wrong is wrong just like a teacher having sex with a minor and marries her but what happens there? Well he can marry one who is 16yrs old in “B” county and get away with breaking the law. When will the law step in and stop wrong doing?
I am a victim just like anyone who has been through this where is the judicious in our law system? Wrong is wrong and they need pay old saying (do the crime do the time) I hope someone can help on this. Myabe this crime will stop when more are put in the stand and convicted of this.
Thank you