Couple of questions about DIY Divorce

  1. In the do it yourself intructions it says I need 2 yellow copies. Is this still true?

  2. I read the filing fees changed today. Can anyone tell me the new fees for Wake County?



You must have 2 copies of the Summons, which is the yellow sheet, and two copies of the Complaint. One of each for the court file and one of each to serve on your spouse. I recommend you take 3 copies of each so that you may retain a copy for your records.

I believe the new filing fee is $167.00 as of September 1, 2009.


Since I’m using the forms on your website do I just get any color of yellow paper from Staples or something or should I plan to get the kit from the Wake County Clerk
Thanks again for your answers.


Any shade of yellow paper will do :slight_smile: I wish you the best.