Filing a Complaint Myself...cost?

I recently filed a complaint for absolute divorce by myself (no attorney). Between that, the summons, and the copies of all the documents, I was charged almost $260.00 at the Clerk of Court. I did not even need the papers served, because my husband has agreed to pick them up from the Sheriff’s department (which the lady at the Clerk of Court told me was okay ), and I am seeing that in Wake County, according to your website, the fee is $168.00. Is that the same for all counties in North Carolina or does it differ? I filed in a different county…a much smaller county. Does that sound correct that I would be charged so much?

I filed in Wake County a few weeks ago, and it was 225, not counting the 7.00 copy fee for the DIY packet, and about 30 for sheriff’s service.
I think Wake County, and possible the state or other counties, updated their rates recently (last year or so) and Rosen hasn’t updated their info yet although of course I can’t and don’t speak for them.
I would assume there is some price variability by county.

Filing fees are standard across the state, and the fee is currently $225 for divorce.