Court Orders

Any correspondence written by your attorney can be used later in court to prove that the other side was aware of the issue.

You may not send anything to judge, ever. This is what is called an ex parte (one sided) communication, and is strictly prohibited.

As far as the clerk

The orders for vistation and parenting plan finally signed by Judge.
In the order no step-parent allowed to physically correct children. The last line “if not followed will be in contempt”. Three weeks later step-parent broke this section of order. Contacted attorney and they want to do a warning letter. My questions: can this letter be used in Court if this happens again? Can I send this letter myself to the Judge? Can I send to Clerk of Courts and state add this to my case file? I want to file a motion for contempt and am at a loss as to why a warning letter is recommended. If the warning letter can be used, then fine but doesn’t this defeat the purpose of the orders? Won’t this signal to my ex that I will not do anything and other parts of order can be broken? If this continues would I be better off calling the police when orders are broken and can I call them? If I can call police how is this handled? What is the process after I call them in?