My wife file for separation of bed and board, and had a restrainer order. Both were dismissed, but she could open a new claim.

She then tried to take all martial property and leave. I filed equitable distribution, but it was dismissed because we were still living together.

She asked to reopen her old claim of separation of bed and board, but my attorney said it was mooty. Bascially, what she was saying no reason for filing for separation of bed and board, because we are already living in separate quarters. The judge hasn’t made a decision yet.

Since it is a new case can I bring up adultrey charges while we were married? She has brought other men to the house, and her past she was a hostess. Basically solicited money from service members for drinks and other things. I was also sending her support as well as other men at the same time.

When we got married some guy bought her diamond earrings, and she bought gifts in return. We were separated for 1 year. We did get back together, and moved to NC. However, in 2007 she started bringing other men home and dating. Is that relevant? I stopped having sex with her in 2008.


The court takes adultery into consideration when determining alimony. If you have a lawyer, you should raise these issues to him or her and determine whether they are relevant in your situation.