CS--$50 a month?

Child support is based on the income of the parents and the number of overnights they stay with each parent. Go to the home site and run the CS calculator with her income at $6, your income and the number of overnights. It’s possible, if she is only making $6/hr that her child support amount is only $50 but that may be with joint custody. I would suggest, given your situation, that you run the calculator with you having primary custody and her having about 5 overnights per month.
(I thought they were working out of town to make a ton of money)[?] This should make you realize that all those little jabs at your self esteem were just to try to belittle you and make you angry…Be glad you have temporary custody and work towards making it permanent.
Just something to think about…

stepmother as always, you seem to be the voice of reason/hope

they are out of state making “big money” of course she is making $6 an hour but, and i quote, she “is HAPPY in being CONTENT to be DEPENDENT on him.” funny cause that was one of many things she hated about me, feeling like she is dependent on me…and all i heard last year was her wanting to be independent, stand on her own two feet, wanting to do what see wanted to do , when she wanted to do it, and not have to answer to anyone…at least the last one is correct

i tried to figure this out on CS calculator, but she doesnt have overnight visits—and there is no way i can handle that, the idea of it makes me sad and angry…i dont want my kids in another mans house

$50 a month…what the hell–i guess tahts my fault as well…i am glad i have temporary custody, i just pray that i am doing the right thigs for the kids, they have been getting mighty upset lately about their mother gone, very sad, especailly at night

Make sure that when you do the calculator that you incorporate the day care expense into it. If you have to provide daycare, your ex is expected to help pay for that.

CS is a tricky thing. You are lucky to be a father and to have been granted any kind of custody. Definately try to get sole custody because that will make a difference. The more time your children spend with you the more money your ex will have to pay.

I got lucky. My ex wanted sole custody, but she agreed that since we live so close that I could have my son every weekend Friday night through Monday morning. We have just went through the paperwork to refigure my CS and she is going to be very disappointed. Since I have my son for so many overnights during the year I will end up paying half of what she was hoping to get.

I know the system sucks on so many different levels but keep pressing forward.

Good luck!

You also need to include insurance premiums, since you are probably covering that also. If she doesn’t have overnights then all the better for you. You have 365 overnights, your income, daycare, and insurance. She has 0 overnights, and her income. There are three forms that can be filled out.
Go onto ncchildsupport.com and click on the tab that says parents. There is a tab that says CSE Guidelines. Click there and you can see all three custody arrangements and the forms that would be filed for each. Also the guidelines are listed so that you will know what is covered in child support.
Did she not show up for the child custody hearing when you got the order for temporary custdoy? That could work to your advantage also. The point of all this is not to try to keep the children from her but to provide the most stable, trusting, loving home environment you possibly can. You’re in a much better position than most men and though you are still bitter about this I think it’s only a matter of time before you realize that while this may be the worst thing that’s happened to you, it’s also the best.
Keep talking to your children about this, not about their mother but about the situation and how they feel. Keep reassuring them that you are there for them. And if they need to talk to someone else, make sure that you let them know thats alright too. After all, you have someone (a whole web site full of people) to talk/vent to. Only time will help the feelings of anger or sadness and hopefully, the situation will start looking a little more stable in the near future.
Keep us posted!

Dear singlefather:

Greetings. If she is working, then you will likely get some child support instead of none, but yes, if she is only making $6/hour and the guidelines show that she only pays $50 then that is what you are going to receive - what the guidelines say.

However if she is a doctor for example and working in construction, then you have a case for deviation from the guidelines. Otherwise, you are generally stuck with the calculation the guidelines come up with. Thank you.

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talked with my lawyer the other day, i have an order for temporary child cusotdy and child support–ex has not been working in three months but now her and wonderful BF are working four states away, she stated she was making $6 an hour…my lawyer told me that her child support will come out to $50 a month…is that a joke?? what the hell am i supposed to do with $50 a month–that will pay for a half a week of daycare!! is this right