My husband left me. I have 3 boys, 13,9,4. This caught me totally by surprise, later to find out there was another woman. He immediately started blending her in during his time with the kids. I mean within a month after he moved out. My oldest that is 13, has been very upset. Her reputation in this county is really bad and she has had 3 marriages, 3 kids by 3 different men. What are my chances of getting more custody instead of 50/50.

It is possible that you would be able to get more custody than a 50/50 arrangement. However, this would be in a judge’s discretion unless you and your husband agree to a custody and visitation schedule without the involvement of a judge. If the fact that the father is dating another woman interferes with his ability as a parent (for example, distracting his attention away from the children or away from providing adequate care for them), then you may be more likely to have more custody time with the children than if his new relationship poses no interferences.

If he breaches the separate agreement ( example the agreement says he is not to have the children in the new girlfriends home, and the 4 year old states that the girlfriend has been keeping him at her house ) do we need to go the cost of hiring a PI to prove this; the children are suffering.

If he violates a term in the separation agreement, then you could sue him for breach of contract if you can prove the violation. So yes, hiring a PI could be one way to prove the violation.