Dear HST302


Hey Big Time,
As far as the rotation is concerned…We agreed to the terms of 50/50 custody in our separation agreement. It was offered by the ex’s legal counsel and I happily accepted…We’ve only been separated a month and a half so my son is 3…

He has rolled with the punches and adapted to the changes extremely well. Virtually NO noticeable affect on his behavior. I think these little ones are a lot more resilient than most give them credit for…He seems to be somewhat pleased that he has 2 of everything now…I often wonder about the long term effects on him but there’s no way to know…Each situation and child is different as is the parents…

Regarding motivation: Catch your wife having an affair…That’ll get ya’ movin toward separation and divorce real quick…Worked for me!..Seriously, Do what I wish I had done when I realized it just wasn’t working…and wasn’t going to…Obtain legal counsel and have them work out a lot of details and advise you,try to keep the whole thing out of court and hope that your spouse will handle this in a mature,responsible manner…C-ya-HST302.


This can really be for anybody that wants to respond but I just read one of HST’s posts and I was curious as to how the weekly rotation custody was working out. How did you come to the weekly agreement? How old was your child when you separated? My son just turned 1…your thoughts on his age and how you think this will affect him as he grows up?? The biggest step for me right now is initiating the separation. If I could just ‘get the ball rolling’ I think I’d be much better off but I’ve been stuck at this point for a long time now. I don’t feel I can bring myself to separate from my wife but I don’t feel I can stay with her. Any suggestions? Is there any way to mentally psych myself up, so to speak, to do it?? Thanks so much! Feel free to email me if you don’t want to post here. I will try to check back as often as I can.