Divorce and change in child support from seperation agreemen

My husband and I have been seperated since Feb 11 2011 and I am now ready to file for divorce. In our seperation agreement he pays $300 monthly in child support and was to maintain health insurance on our daughter. Since our seperation agreement I was laid off from my job Oct 25 2011. He is employeed by NC DOC earning appx $2800.00 gross monthly. With my unemployment benefits I earn appx $1116.00 gross monthly. Upon the end of July I will have my CNA Licenses and can then gain employment earning appx $1800.00 gross monthly. In our divorce I’d like to modify child support to the state reccomendation. Is this possible and if so how do I go about doing so ? Thank you

You can include a complaint for child support in your complaint for divorce. You can hire an attorney to do this for you, or you can represent yourself. If you want to represent yourself Rosen Online may help you. You may find more information here: