Divorce from Bed and Board

My husband has gotten to where he bar hops and rides his motorcycle. He has had two DWI’s in the past, before we got married. He acts like he has reverted back to his old ways from his young days. Is there anything I can do? Is drinking and bar hopping a good enough reason to have him removed from the home? He comes in all buzzed up. I told him I want him to leave. He is going around acting like he is single. He says our marriage is NO Marriage ( I wonder why, ha) so he thinks he can run around and act single and criminal by being a danger to others and himself. He is a functioning alcoholic. Any Advice for me? Thank you.

Excessive alcohol use is one of the fault-based arguments you can make to obtain a divorce from bed and board. The court will need to hear evidence about how long this has been going on, how frequently it occurs, how drunk he gets, and how this impacts you.

Thank you Kathleen.
Can you tell me what the cost is for a divorce from bed and board? When at a hearing for a divorce from bed and board, would I be able to go ahead and get a order for PSS and then alimony?

The cost for filing a claim for divorce from bed and board really depends on the circumstances of your case. If you are interested in hiring us, you should have a consultation with one of our attorneys and decide on the best course of action. You can file a claim for spousal support at the time of filing the divorce from bed and board claim.