Divorce hearing


No. If you do not sign the papers, then he will only have to go to court to testify that you have been separated the required length of time and that there are no other matters to settle…


I have also received a Civil Summons for Divorce. I too am not contesting anything. Will I still need to respond to the Summons?


You don’t need to respond unless there is an incorrect date or you want to counter for a name change. He can just wait out the 30 days or you can file defendants paperwork accepting service and a waiver saying you aren’t contesting anything. I have a current post up now questioning the validity of the waiver for expediting the process. Mecklenburg self help court office says that defendant may change their mind and courts still say wait 30 days, although I can’t understand why 366 days isn’t good enough for that. Best of luck to you…


Hello, I received my notice for the divorce hearing. He filed & I am not contesting, do I even have to show up at the hearing?