Does invaded personal privacy violate the law?

My friend’s wife suspected her husband had an affair by checking their cell phone
records and tried to access into his personal email account. She changed his
computer email access setting in a way so that she logged into his email account
by typing his username, the password would automatically show up in the password
box and thus she was able to access into his email account.
His wife not only copied and downloaded all his personal emails but distributed lots
of these emails containing intimate words and his friend’s private and personal comments to
other people who has nothing to do with this issue and try to use these emails to threaten
them for something.
My questions are:

  1. Does she invade his personal privacy and violate the law?
  2. By distributing other people personal message to others violate other people privacy?
  3. If her behavior is not legal, any way to stop her spreading email and can he file a lawsuit against her?
    Thank you very much!

NC does not recognize and invasion of privacy claim, but she may be liable under the federal wiretapping statute.