Educational Accounts

Maybe you can approach the person controlling the money and talk to them about making a change. Otherwise, you will have no control over how the money is used when your child becomes an adult.

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I need some savvy advice from a person versed in financial matters and divorce.

Some years aog, when my cousin died, she set up several accounts to take care of some of the smaller children in the family, including my son. After my ex and I divorced, my ex has made it clear on many occasions that she would love to get her hands on that money. It is supposed to be for my son’s college education. However, I was not privy to the details of how is was supposed to be set up. It went to my uncle who kept many of the details from me for fear of my ex finding out how to get the money.

Now, my son turns 18 in February. He will still be in high school, so I thought the plans were that if he did not go to college at 18, he would get the money when he was 25. Unbeknownst to me, the terms were changed and he will no doubt get the money in February to do with it as he pleases. Here is where the problem is, My ex is a manipulative person and will no doubt try to get the money from him. He will no doubt give it to her. What can I do to help protect this money for his future. I do not even know how much is in the account, but it is apparently substantial. She has physical custody of him, but we have joint legal custody.