Ex-paramour being a pest

I recently had an affair which I have admitted in full gory detail to my wife. We have since separated but are trying to reconcile. Admitting everything probably wasn’t the best thing for me to do legally but I feel that full honesty is the only way I can possibly restore any trust between me and my wife after several months of lies and deceptions. Even if we can’t ever get over this I feel that trust will be important as we go forward raising our children.

My problem now is that my ex-paramour won’t go away.

I have asked her to stop contacting me and told her that I would forward any and all correspondence and voicemails for my wife to use if she chose to pursue an AA/CC claim (My paramour is not wealthy but she does have a great income and significant assets so it could be worth pursuing- however, I am aware that she is now in the process of hiding/sheltering her assets. She told me she would laugh her *** off if my wife won a suit and wasn’t able to collect anything). I have received 3 phone calls and 5 emails from her after I asked her to stop a little over a week ago. I have indeed forwarded them to my wife and the contents are rather incriminating.

Everytime she attempts to contact me I report it to my wife and it reopens old wounds.

Her last email to me was a bit threatening- not physical violence but rather exposing my marriage and my behavior to the public and doing what she can to torpedo what’s left of my relationship with my wife.

Is there anything I can do to make her stop?

I suggest you contact the non emergency number for your local police department to file a harassment complaint each and every time she contacts you. Also change your email address and phone numbers.