Ex parte order


Last April, my ex-wife obtained an ex-parte order against me. She said that I threatened to kill her over my oldest son’s school pictures. She cried on the witness stand and told the judge she was very scared of me. All of this was completely untrue.

Well, for the past six weeks, my ex-wife has been approaching me at my kids’ football games and practices. She has been harassing me about football pictures, my youngest son’s cleats that I forgot at my house, etc. But Tuesday, September 1st, she walked up to me at my son’s pee wee football practice and said she was sorry for hurting me. She stated she didn’t want the kids to continue thinking we hated each other. She said she did not want to have to sit on opposite ends of the football stadium. I told her that it was her choice. She said it sucks that other ex’s can get along but we can not. She then stood beside me for approximately 45 minutes trying to talk to me about my job, her job, my trip to the beach, the dogs, a new cat, etc. Then she actually invited me to my son’s army themed birthday party at the pavilion at our local Rec Park. She then said she didn’t want to have to buy everything for the party.

I am the type of person that would help with my son’s party (my ex- wife knows this) but every single time my ex-wife is nice to me and I let my guard down, she ends up stabbing me in the back. This has created a lot of stress. So I decided not to go or help with the party especially since she has the ex-parte order against me. I also don’t think it is a good idea for me to be friends with my ex-wife but should only communicate with her concerning our children.

About a week after my ex-wife invited me to my son’s birthday party, I saw my ex in the local grocery store. I was in line to check out so I just ignored her. But she walked right up to me. She was less than a foot from me and she just glared at me. She gave me the evil eye of all evil eyes. I couldn’t help it but I giggled. I just don’t understand her at all.

I have spoken to a police officer about my ex-wife approaching me and harassing even though she has an ex parte order against me. He said she is in violation of the order. Is this true? And if it is, what can I do about this?


The order does not require that she stay away from you, so she is not violating the order, but may be attempting to cause you to do so. Domestic Violence plaintiff’s cannot give defendants permission to violate the order either, so your avoidance of the party was the best move. You may ask for the court’s assistance in a hearing to explain her actions in order to protect yourself from future allegations.