Ex refusing visitation-coming to NC


Dear TS:

Greetings. The sheriff here should enforce any order you have. You will need to register it here in NC at the county courthouse. Keep the jurisdiction where you can afford it, if possible. If he does not allow you to see your child, I would file a Motion in Washington State and make him travel there to follow through. Best of luck.

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Posted - 07/18/2004 : 18:51:19

The issue at hand is that my mother and I are planning a visit from August 19-August 23 in NC. My ex husbands spouse has informed me that they will not let me see my son until I pay them “back child support”.
Per the request of the Concord Police department, I am sending the them a copy of the WA order, the sheriff’s department is no help.

Some background:
My ex lives in Concord, I live in WA. We have a WA court order that spells out our parenting plan. This past year we mutually decided to let my 11 yr old try living with his father for the school year (2003-2004).
Our verbal agreement was no child support, but I had to buy plane tickets. Phone calls would be the same as in WA, twice a week at scheduled times. My son has been doing great in school, however, his dad and step-mom refuse to assist my son in making phone calls, (reminders, etc). They are also demanding I pay child support, it keeps going up (from $50 to $600 a month). They keep telling me they are going to file for sole custody, but never do. I would welcome an NC order t sort out the support, visitations, etc.

Any ideas on how to make sure I see my son? I was able to complete all the original paperwork in WA via online forms. From what I’ve read, NC is a nightmare to try and do yourself.I don’t have funds for legal representation in NC.

Thank you